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Anua Heartleaf Pore Clay Pack

$95.00 AED $125.00 AED
100ml . 3.38oz


Why do we love it?

Simply apply for sebum and dead skin cell removal.
Clean your pores just in 3 minutes.
3-min wash-off pack for quick absorption of sebum and oil while removing dead skin cells for refreshing pores.
Thoroughly removes sebum and dead skin cells along with pore tightening.
The clay combined with Houttuynia Cordata provides milder pore care.
The two different-sized Houttuynia Cordata powders allow low-irritating exfoliation care.
Completed skin irritation test for mild usage.
The cream clay that is soft and moisturizing has a refreshing eucalyptus scent.
Recommended for those who have excessive sebum and oil in pores, want to improve skin texture by using low-irritating exfoliation care, want to experience short-term care, and want to use a non-tightening moisturizing wash-off pack. e non-tightening moisturizing wash-off pack.

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Examine the page corresponding to each product.